As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, homeowners are looking for ways to extend their outdoor living season. Enter Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, the perfect solution for adding warmth and style to your outdoor space this fall.

Top Picks for Fall & Winter Months from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds products are designed to create inviting outdoor areas where memories are made and stories are shared. With a focus on quality and design, Kindred transforms ordinary backyards into luxurious retreats.

Here are some of our top picks for outdoor installations to spice up your home during the fall:

Fire Bowls and Fireplaces

Outdoor fire feature using Bloc fire bowls from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds
  • The Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen: Elevate your outdoor gatherings with this stunning feature. The Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen combines the warmth of a traditional fireplace with the elegance of modern design, making it a perfect centerpiece for fall evenings​​.
  • Fire Bowls: For a more contemporary touch, consider Kindred’s range of fire bowls, such as the Bloc, Equa, Kulm, and Infinite Fire Bowls. These stylish fire bowls are not only functional but also serve as striking decorative elements for any outdoor space​​.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking area featuring The Metropolitan Signature Kitchen from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds
  • The Metropolitan Signature Kitchen: For those who love to cook and entertain outdoors, the Metropolitan Signature Kitchen is an outstanding choice. This outdoor kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare and enjoy meals in the open air​​.
  • The Parkview Signature Kitchen: Another excellent option for outdoor culinary enthusiasts is the Parkview Signature Kitchen. It blends functionality with aesthetics, providing a luxurious and practical space for preparing and enjoying meals outdoors​​.

With these top picks from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, you can create an inviting and warm outdoor atmosphere that extends your home’s living space into the beauty of the fall season. Each product mentioned above brings a unique element to outdoor living spaces, perfectly aligning with the fall season’s mood and requirements.

Why Choose Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds?

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve the look and feel of your property, or you’re a retailer looking for the perfect products to offer homeowners, Kindred is well worth your consideration. Consider these three benefits:

Quality and Durability

For homeowners, investing in Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds means choosing products that can endure various weather conditions, from harsh winters to scorching summers. This durability ensures that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about frequent repairs or replacements. Long-lasting products translate to more time spent enjoying the outdoors and less time and money on maintenance.

For retailers, stocking products that are known for their quality and durability is crucial for building customer trust and loyalty. When you offer products from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, you align with a brand that is synonymous with longevity. This not only helps in attracting discerning customers but also reduces the likelihood of returns and complaints due to product failure.

Outdoor dining area featuring The Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

Design Versatility

The wide range of design options offered by Kindred allows homeowners to personalize their outdoor spaces to match their style and preference. Whether they are looking for a traditional, rustic look or a more modern, sleek appearance, Kindred’s diverse product line caters to varied tastes. This versatility means that homeowners can seamlessly blend new outdoor features with their existing home aesthetics.

From the retailer’s perspective, offering a variety of styles and designs from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds enables them to appeal to a broader customer base. The more options available, the more likely customers are to find exactly what they need, increasing the chance of sales. Additionally, a diverse product range can attract a wider range of customers, from those renovating older homes to those building new, modern residences.

Ease of Installation

The straightforward installation process of Kindred products means that homeowners can enjoy their new outdoor features without lengthy disruptions. For DIY enthusiasts in particular, the ease of installation is a big plus, allowing for a satisfying and hassle-free home improvement project. For those hiring professionals, a simpler installation translates to lower labor costs and quicker project completion.

If you’re a retailer, products that are easy to install are more attractive to both professionals and DIY customers. By stocking Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds, you can cater to a market that appreciates efficiency and convenience. Easier installation also means that contractors and landscapers might prefer these products, potentially leading to repeat business and referrals from these professionals.

Preparing for Fall with Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

Whether you’re looking to spice up your home or appeal to customers who want to spice up their homes, these tips can help you accomplish your desired goals:

For Homeowners

Outdoor seating area featuring the Infinite Fire Bowl from Kindred Surrounds + Outdoors
  1. Create a Cozy Seating Area: Arrange your outdoor furniture around a Kindred fire bowl or fireplace to create a warm and inviting focal point. Consider adding plush cushions and blankets to the seating for extra comfort on chilly evenings. This setup not only provides warmth but also encourages conversation and relaxation.
  2. Incorporate Lighting: As daylight hours decrease, effective outdoor lighting becomes essential. String lights, lanterns, or LED candles can create a soft, welcoming glow. Proper lighting not only enhances the ambiance but also ensures safety by illuminating walkways and steps.
  3. Plan for Weather Changes: Equip your outdoor space with accessories to combat the cooler weather. Throw blankets, outdoor rugs, and patio heaters can make a significant difference in comfort— even while sitting around a cozy outdoor fire bowl. Consider installing a temporary shelter or awning to protect against unexpected rain or wind.

For Retailers

  1. Display Settings: In a brick-and-mortar store, create a display that showcases how Kindred products can be used to create a cozy autumnal outdoor setting. Use actual furniture and accessories like cushions, blankets, and lighting to demonstrate a complete look. This helps customers visualize the products in their own homes.
  2. Online Visuals and Descriptions: For online storefronts, use high-quality images and detailed descriptions to convey the warmth and functionality of Kindred products. Create themed collections on your website, such as ‘Autumn Outdoor Essentials,’ to guide customers in their purchasing decisions.
  3. Educational Content: Provide customers with valuable content, such as blog posts or videos, demonstrating how to set up and maintain Kindred products. Tips on fall outdoor decor and preparation can be particularly engaging and useful.
  4. Promotions and Events: Consider running fall-themed promotions or events, both in-store and online. Special discounts, bundled offers, or interactive events like a ‘Design Your Fall Patio’ contest can draw attention to the Kindred range.
  5. Cross-Merchandising Strategies: In-store, place complementary products like outdoor cushions, lighting, and patio heaters near Kindred items to encourage additional purchases. Online, use product recommendations and bundling options to achieve the same effect.
  6. Social Media Engagement: Take advantage of social media platforms to showcase Kindred products in action. Share customer testimonials, post images of beautifully arranged outdoor spaces, and provide tips for fall outdoor living. This not only promotes the products but also engages the community.

By implementing these strategies, retailers can effectively market Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds products, helping customers visualize and create their ideal outdoor spaces for the fall season.

Find Your Kindred Spirit for Outdoor Living

Discover the full range of Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds products at Stoneworks NY. From fireplaces to water features, and outdoor kitchens, Kindred has everything you need to make your outdoor space a year-round haven.

As fall approaches, there’s no better time to explore the offerings from Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds. Visit Stoneworks NY to find the perfect additions to your outdoor living space and make this season unforgettable!